Carpet Cleaning Can Make All the Difference: A Guide to Less Bacteria

Bacteria are tiny microorganisms that exist virtually everywhere on Earth. The only places devoid of bacteria are the ones that have been manually sterilized by humans. While you cannot see bacteria with the naked eye, they are visible under a microscope. Carpets are one part of the home that’s particularly likely to harbor potentially harmful

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River to River Custom Log Homes and Cabins

River to River Log Homes River to River Log Homes is an Idaho family business and provides log home, log hybrid, and timber frame solutions. We are Idaho’s top Independent Representative for Log Homes of America. You can count on River to River Log Homes with over a dozen years of experience to help build

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CarpetRX: Tile and Grout Cleaning

CarpetRX: Tile and Grout Cleaning CarpetRX is is one of Idaho’s leading specialists in tile and grout cleaning. We like to refer our tough tile and grout jobs over to the good folks at CarpetRX. They offer free cleaning quotes as well as discount coupons for local Treasure Valley residents. Contact them today for all your tile

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Personal Touch Plus Cleaning: Windows and Gutters

Personal Touch Plus Cleaning Do you have windows or gutters that need cleaned? Check out their website for more information. CONTACT US (208) 871-2899 or 340-7202 brycespears@msn.com Window Cleaning Would you like to experience “sparkling” clean windows inside and out the old fashioned way?  We take pride in our work and will do whatever it takes

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How Regular Carpet Cleaning Improves Health

Indoor air quality. By itself, this phrase may conjure images of sterile hospitals and laboratories. However, where we work, play, and live are equally susceptible to pollutants such as bacteria, allergens, and dirt. Add a high level of foot traffic, children, and pets into the mix and it’s not hard to imagine how the carpets

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Pet Stains: How Regular Carpet Cleaning Can Help

We love our fur babies. Clearly, with 68% of American households being pet owners, we’ve put a premium on our animal companions. However, this premium can come at an unintended cost to not only our investment, but to our health as well. Despite our best efforts, indoor accidents can, and frequently do, happen. For many

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