Cleaning Services:

Residential "Move Out" Cleaning Services:
$0.15 per SF

Residential "Move Out" Carpet Cleaning:
$0.22 per SF

New Construction Cleaning:
$0.13 per SF

Request a Quote for:

• Commercial Carpet Cleaning-one time or quarterly services

• Weekly / bi-weekly residential cleaning

• Weekly / bi-weekly office cleaning

ANY 3 ROOMS + A HALL- $120.

(This is the industry standard pricing for this area. There a handful of companies that charge slightly less and a few that charge a bit more, but 80% charge this amount as a base fee for cleaning.)

Additional Rooms - $30 per room
Stairs - $35

*** $40 Service call fee
***$100 Emergency service call fee for floods or other emergency services


Wear Patterns/difficult stains buffed and treated:

Odor Treatment:
$45 per room

Paint, nail polish, ink, and other specialty stains:
$20 - $30 per Stain

$25 per seat/section


  • Love Seat- 2 seats = $50
  • Normal 3 section couch = $75
  • Typical sectional - 5 seats = $125. ($25 more if chaise lounge attached)
  • Typical recliner chair or Chaise lounge by itself = $50

Pet stain treatment options:

Option A
$10 per stain - neutralizer only (Not recommended, liability waiver required)

Option B
4 Step Pet Stain Treatment Process
$125 Black light service - Locate & mark pet stains
$20 per stain - apply, rinse & extract neutralizer, inject amino acid into pad & sub floor, which eats urine crystals and acts as a deodorizer as well.

  • This is the recommended treatment process for pet stains with the highest probability of mitigating the issue. Simply applying neutralizer may or may not solve the problem and in some cases can actually make it worse as getting the urine wet can activate the smell for several days and doesn't get to the root issue.

Boise Carpet Cleaner Service Area

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